Fort Dauphin


The definition of sustainable development, according to the World Commission on Development and Sustainability is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 

The town of Fort Dauphin, located in the District of Tolagnaro is blessed with a mix of natural geography and cultural wealth. 

We are challenged by extreme poverty that continues to exist because of the history of colonialism, toxic charity, and the ongoing power struggle between the people of Madagascar and badly managed international funds. 

Cronyism and fly-by-night donations are all too common. Donations are difficult to trace and many projects take place that directly contradicts the definition of sustainable development. 

The tragic reality is that access to education and resources for the urban and rural poor in Madagascar is so precarious that it is difficult to imagine that folks can ever “catch” up. 

This is where innovation and doing things differently come into play. 

The ‘old’ way hasn’t and doesn’t work. 

Donors must be held as accountable as the recipients. 

Misleading reporting of outcomes is as destructive as the work of those who do not invest wisely in the funds received.

VISIT Fort Dauphin

As a coastal town, Fort Dauphin is a small paradise with 5 beaches within walkable distance from almost anywhere in town.